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tech writing

I’ve been coding since writing assembler for my XT. (XTra points if you too remember the XT!) Many moons ago, developing became super-stressful: writing about it, a total joy.
I get to learn all the latest gadgets, the best apps, you name it. Now that is major fun! I was given one of the first Echoes (Alexa) to hit market, for a user manual. Talk about a blast to write. Same with the Samsung Galaxy S4. Those are the two most prominent, natch. I’ve also worked as lead tech writer for a large software shop, and those guys hatched new apps damn near daily.
I ghost-write tech articles, user manuals, case studies and more – all with a touch of humor ensuring the user will retain that knowledge. Examples below.

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Tech writing samples
Articles & Blogs

I thoroughly research all articles and blogs. Locate great people to interview, great products to contrast.

Happy to interview your developers for deep insight into how your apps work.

Case Studies

I do wonderfully-formatted, informative Case  Studies. Worked for a very large software shop for years: they constantly came out with new apps, ran UI, useability testing for these case studies.

User Manuals

Or “User Guide,” “How-to Guide,” or – of course – “How NOT-to Guide.” Nobody ever considers this poor guide.

When I write a guide, I will say this: users do RTFM! And they retain what they’ve read.