Structure of a Good Blog


wordpress blogA blog is laid out in four parts:

Let’s take them one by one.

Blog Title

Titles should be catchy, and include main keyword for your blog. If you’re writing about toasters, “toaster” is your main keyword. (This so anyone looking for toasters can find your blog.)

First Paragraph

The first paragraph lays out the entire idea behind this blog. If you’re writing about someone’s brand new software app that they’re looking to sell, you’re going to mention it’s name for the 2nd time (it’s in the title, right?)

Let’s say someone wrote a really cool auction app. It does things most small auction apps don’t, the client tells you. It allows users to bid on more than one product at a time, and a couple of other things (I have no clue about auction apps!)

So. How do you start your MyAuction blog? Here we go.

 MyAuction Sells Anything but Hookers (title)

Have you ever considered having auctions on your site? It’s a good way to sell your handcrafted, polka-dotted widgets for more than they’re worth. Sometimes far more. Allow us to introduce you to MyAuction, a small app that’s simple to install – and does more than some of the large ones (like Ebay.) Imagine being able to bid on more than one product at a time!

Rest of paragraphs except last one

You are now going to discuss everything you hinted at in your first paragraph: namely, what other tasks can MyApp perform that the biggies can’t? What useful tasks can it do to help the user sell their widgets?

MyApp can indeed allow users to bid for more than one item, but this app has other great features. It allows a user to change an item’s description on the fly, to add new items via an email feature, and if you get really angry with it, there’s an Easter Egg in there that uninstalls the entire thing. What fun if you run across it by mistake!

One of MyApp’s best features is its one-click install. As it’s a WordPress plugin, all you do is install the plugin. Hint: ensure all your items for sale are off of a “items” directory so MyApp can suck them right in.

Then you can “Add item,” “Edit item,” “Delete item,” “Add new category of items” and so on. Very clear, simple layout.

Final Paragraph

We’ve found that the ROI is incredible! You can double, even triple your income with MyApp. People love to bid, what can we say? But they prefer bidding from a clean app, items arranged in clear categories, a decent starting price. And MyApp actually makes bidding fun: when you hit the “enter” key on a bid, you get a little electric shock in your butt if your bid is too low. MyApp only costs $9,984.00. It will pay for itself in no time flat, when users get addicted to those shocking prices.


Your turn. Write a 300-500 page blog on anything you know well. First, do your research: find other blogs on your subject, read some of them. When you’ve written, edited and proofed (checked for typos,) print the thing and ask your mom (or a friend) to read it-see if a couple of people either agree changes need to be made, or that it’s really good as it is.

And you’re on your way to writing blogs. In my own next blog, I’ll give you tips about writing your profile, something all freelancer sites expect. (What do you bet somebody asks me where they can find MyApp, then if I would develop the app? NOT A BLOODY CHANCE! I do NOT develop these days. Especially something that boring!

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