SEO 2020- On-page SEO for blogs (2nd of 5)


What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is SEO you yourself can do on the ‘page’ where your article or blog is. Simply changing your title for instance, to ensure your keywords are in it.

A ‘keyword’ is a word or phrase that someone types into a search engine to reach your article. “Psychiatrist in Long Island,” “on-page SEO,” “Best gardening practices…” You get the idea.

Steps to SEO your blog/article

Ensure your title contains your keyword(s)

This is the most important step you’ll take: seeing to it that your title properly describes your content using keywords that do same.

Instead of “Alexa is always listening!” you’d use “Privacy concerns for Alexa” as that’s what people will search on.

While you’re at it, make sure your URLs aren’t ugly. What in hell does that mean? This one’s easy. is ugly – it means nothing. But is pretty, meaning it’s understandable to you – and far more important, to search engines. Who will rank you higher if you  use decent urls.

TIP: Set up WordPress to always use ‘pretty’ urls

In WordPress, you can set it up to use the name of your article in your blog. In your admin panel, click “Settings” then “Permalink” and you’ll see:

WP pretty URL

I selected “Month and name” but if you’re more prolific than moi, you may set it to “Day and name”. Or any other combination as you’ll see at the bottom of that page.

Speaking of titles…

Always use headers! Your title is “H1”, the next sub-header will be “H2” and so on. Don’t just put your title in bold and consider it good.

Images and ALT tags

Don’t be lazy and ignore ALT tags for your images. Explain what that pic is – using keywords of course.

Excerpts are far more important in 2020, so

Instead of letting your software (like WordPress) use your first couple of sentences for an excerpt as you always have, create your own several-line excerpt that aptly describes your blog – using your keywords, of course.

Do NOT cram many keywords into your blog

Google strikes back, these days! Not only will your article not rank – it could be dinged. Not something you want to ever happen.

Ensure your article contains good info

Regarding your keyword, your title. Google looks for accurate articles containing good information about your topic of choice. One way to be certain is to hire a professional to write that article. Someone who is well-known, who has articles on that topic – and others – on solid, well-known sites. Such people ain’t cheap. Ergo, your basic lesser-known professional will do. (Erm, hello! Contact me.)

Take the time to perform your own SEO

It’s well worth it, and will pay off in higher traffic, more authority – and more sales.

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