Sample: "Crows Have Flown"

Characterization and dialog are displayed in this sample mother-daughter relationship short.
Here, suspense builds to an unexpected climax both for the characters and the reader.

"It was one night, Mom. I had dinner with him one night. And he is my father. I want to see him. I love him." It all came out in a rush.

"You will not see him again, do you hear me? He is nothing but trouble."

"He is a good man. He has a weakness for women. He has a good job and a great condo. And I don't see why I can't see him when I want to," Shelley said, with a rare streak of stubbornness.

"Because I said so. And I pay the rent around here."

No, you don't, Shelley didn't say. She paid more than half the rent herself, had done since she'd worked during college and now, of course, her teaching job. "You don't pay all of it." Dear God, the words were out of her mouth like fleeing crows before she could stop them. Black wings, and no way could she take them back.

"How dare you," Mari said, and a thin veil of spittle flew from her lips. "After all I've done. Twenty years of slaving for you, making sure you ate three good meals, making sure I was always here when you came home from school. Ungrateful. And then it was me all by myself. It's been hard, so hard..." Tears now flowed from her small, brown eyes.

"Don't cry, Mom." Shelley felt guilty. Mari had indeed devoted her life to her.

"You don't pay all of it,' How could you say such a thing? After all I've done for you? Shelley, you've hurt me badly now. Go to your room, I can't bear to see you."

Shelley got up, crows flown, and made her way into her bedroom. She was miserable, and regretted opening her mouth. Poor Mari had tried hard, over the years. But Shelley loved her father, and she would continue to see him.


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