How JUBB Will Work

JUBB Big Brother Online game JUBB Game Play &Applications

Applicants must choose a nick different from their board nick, to be used in the game only.

Applicants will fill out a questionnaire as they did before. A to-be-determined group of Jokers will vote 12 applicants into JUBB, plus several alternates.

Suggested JUBB gameplay (BB Time Zone)

12 unknown HMs (2nd account with a different nick.) They can and do post or chat whenever they wish however there are mandatory events as well.

Mandatory events
  • Diary room chats
  • HoH Comps
  • Nomination meetings
  • Veto Comps
  • Eviction Eve
Random non-mandatory chats & posting:
  • Joker’s Topic Times (an hour or so during which HMs discuss one or more topics provided.) We get to know them like that – and of course they learn a lot about each other.
  • Random 1 on 1 chats (for two HMs only)
  • Random Alliance chats (>2 HMs)
  • Random posting in The Living Room, The Back Yard, or The Kitchen.
Tentative Scheduling (based on 1 month game)

MONDAY, FRIDAY:                          Eviction (6-6:30PM)                                           HoH Comp (7-9PM)

WEDNESDAY, SATURDAY:         Noms (6-6:30PM)                                                  Veto Comp (7-9PM)**

This year, anyone EXCEPT those who work at Jokers may apply. You do need to be a member, though – and membership is free,. Just think! Free feeds!


Help needed:

Creating challenges

We’ll have a private forum for this: simply contact Ette to join it.

4-6 Game Runners

These will help with JUBB tasks such as

  • Helping to run challenges
  • Posting “Jokers Topics” from time to time
  • Playing Big Brother to run Diary Rooms
  • Helping HMs with chat rooms and forums until they get used to the setup
  • Taking questions from the HMS (if they need anything game-related.)

Game Runners will have a small token under their names so that everyone will know who you are.

JUBB setup
  • 3 forums for JUBB Hm’s only: #LivingRoom, #BackYard, #Bedroom
  • 1 forum for viewers: #JUBB Discussion (HMs can’t see it)
  • 2 chatrooms holding 2 hms (and unlimited public)
  • 2 chatrooms for alliance talks #alliance1, #alliance2
  • 1 chatroom for JUBB Hms to chat (and invite each other to the alliance rooms via Chat PM)
  • 1 chatroom for viewers: #JUBB Chat (hms banned)

As you can see, this is a massive enterprise. Obviously we believe it’s worth doing again now: don’t know about you, but we’re all so tired of hearing nothing but virus news, being terrified for ourselves and our loved ones. ANYTHING that gets our minds off the agony, even for a brief time, will be worth the giant pain in the ass this game will be! 🙂 If we do run this, please consider helping us run it (if you don’t want to be an HM.)

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