Live long and prosper: Evdo Depot


Ghost-written for an Evdo site

Welcome to the new Evdo Depot blog! Here you’ll learn all about Evdo: what it is, what products support it, and what it means to you. Not to mention a bit of fun along the way. Fun, you say? How could anything Evdo-related possibly be fun? Read on, McDuff.

What is Evdo?

Nobody can agree on precisely what that acronym means, for starters. One side insists “Evolution, Data Only”: another, “Evolution, Data Optimized” is the real definition. We believe “Evolutionary Data Offering” is correct. No matter. Either way, Evdo means speed: simply put, it’s a protocol for high-speed wireless broadband. No, not like Wifi: Wifi requires devices to be near a wireless hotspot. With Evdo, the device itself IS the hotspot! Imagine that – we’re talking serious portability here, instead of being locked to a room in your house or office.

Evdo Wireless Routers work off your local cell phone tower. (Satellite has always sucked: if you don’t know why, next week’s blog will touch on that.) An Evdo wireless system, on the other hand, means immense upload/download and video streaming speed gains. Unlimited 4G LTE connections, to be explicit. No matter where you are. We do rural….

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