A Unique Gift for a Special Person

Cat will take a ready-to-publish novel from her backlog
and create a new character based on whoever you like.

One for the Team

It's highly unusual for an author to offer to change a completed novel into which she's poured years of writing, rewriting and editing: a novel ready to be published. Cat never considered such a thing prior to a client making a request in 2013.

That client wanted a complete novel authored by Cat, and he requested that the protagonist's name be changed to that of his wife. If Cat would also add her physical characteristics and other details, all the better. He didn't have time for Cat to ghost an entire novel: such an exercise takes months or even a year or more, depending on length, plot and other metrics. This client needed a 200 page thriller in a month.

Cat was dubious. The client was persuasive, the situation delicate -- Cat relented in two weeks. She interviewed the client for hours to create a full new character. Editing the new character into the novel wasn't a trivial task, as she had to edit the other character's reactions and dialog as well.

The novel was finished in 5 weeks, barely in time. His wife did get to see it, and he read it to her. He was kind enough to send Cat a video, which she cherishes.

A year later, as Christmas approaches Cat is thinking of how happy those people were. She'd love to have another experience like that, where one of her novels gives that kind of joy, for any reason. Out of her current backlog, two thrillers would be perfect. As it happens, both are serial killer novels, but the resemblance stops there.

Below is a brief description of the novels. For an in-depth synopsis, go to the contact page, download the NDA and email it to Cat. She'll then send you both or either one.



There are rare serial killers who don't fit the usual profile of sexual abuse and/or hurting animals whilst young. Out of that small group, there is an even more rare serial killer: a female.

A major traumatic event throws all of us off our game: most recover in months. Those who don't can become obsessed with that trauma, and whoever they perceive as the cause. Obsession can lead to fatal results. Your average woman in this situation can make a fascinating discovery: that actually killing gives her a certain satisfaction she finds nowhere else. So, from killing just once in revenge, she is determined to do it again from need. There is a label for such people: serial killers.

Characters & Locations

Female serial killer, her ex fiance, best girl friend

New York City


Beginning rate of 15k for one character integration. Depending on other changes needed, and the desired time frame. rates can change.

Broken Dolls

In Broken Dolls. the protagonist is a woman in her late 20's, an Iraq vet who has been home for several years. Tasia has gone through a number of jobs, but nothing has stuck until her neighbor and closest friend, Lee, suggests she try a job as a PI. Her first case, though, goes from simple to nightmare very rapidly when she locates an adopted-out daughter who was the most recent victim of a deranged killer known as the Doll Killer.

The girl's mother begs the ex-Seal to stop this killer. With her friend Lee's help, Tasia agrees...One small piece of information would have saved Tasia a lot of time and possibly her life: Lee really hated stamps. For years Tasia had looked after Lee's cats when he went on his several-times-a-year trips to buy stamps for his collection. If Tasia had researched those travel dates, she'd have found they coincided with certain other dates when another collection was added to.

The doll collection.

Characters & Locations

Female PI, her good friend/serial killer, a nosy neighbor



Beginning rate of 18.5k for one character integration as this novel is 1st in a series. Any characters will carry through this entire series! Depending on other changes needed, and the desired time frame, rates will change.

Time Frames (either novel)

Time frame depends on the amount of changes required, and the other changes that must be made as well (how other characters respond to the new one, dialogues, etc.) You have say over the time frame as well: you can request a rush job.

Your next step

Which novel & character suits your friend the most? Are there other characters you'd like to add, or a change of location? Again, go to the contact page, download the NDA. Fill it out: email it back and you'll be sent a detailed synopsis of your desired novel.

You make a choice, discuss rates and milestones.

Your novel is edited, integrated and customized per your specs. Then it's delivered.

Cat's required legalities

  1. Her name must remain as author or author listed first if co-authoring.
  2. Once the novel is delivered, you're on the honor system not to tamper with it.
  3. Cat requests a video of your friend when they view the novel for the first time!

It's entirely yours, otherwise. You own global rights, enabling you to sell it in e-book or print format wherever you like for any price you set. The proceeds are entirely yours.

Cat is looking forward to hearing from you.





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