The Scroll

The Scroll

I watched a show on the Dead Sea Scrolls. Love Discovery shows! This one stuck with me. Months later, I was sick for a weekend and could only lay here and think. Out of the blue, I had the notion – what if JC himself wrote one of the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Hey, he wrote in the sand. And the things do carbon-date back to his time. So it could be.

Then my mind took flight. Imagine what that scroll could say, and how many religions could be thoroughly upset – and what they’d do to the innocent scroll’s owner. “The Scroll” was born.

Bloodmate’s Bond

I’ve always loved vampires: this book was bound to happen sooner or later. But, this is the strangest book I ever wrote. Hands down.

I was writing as usual, describing the movie I see in my mind’s eye. Except the damn movie changed all of a sudden. Shar said, “We really gonna let her document all this?” Vittorio looked right at me and grinned. “Sure. She’s doing a fine job so far, isn’t inventing anything we haven’t said.”

Of course right about then I said, “Holy shit!”

Bloodmates Bond
Bones in the Dirt

Bones in the Dirt (due 2020)

I’ve been very close to two psychopaths in my life. And it’s taken years of therapy to get past the experiences: one of them is related to me.

If you understand how something works, it’s easier to deal with it. So I researched the hell out of psychopaths (well, no real way to get “hell” out of them.) I learned that my nuts were at the milder end of the spectrum, as most are.

Then I learned about those at the not-so-mild end, and had an idea. What if I was to write a novel from the point of view of a serial killer? Via his own journal from age 5. I’m editing it now, and it creeps even me out.

In the year 2020 Bones will be out.