Ferushka handled a few more Healers, didn’t learn much except that the horse ridden by the lady varied. Chestnut here: Bay there. Smart, Ferushka knew. A horse that stood out like these would be simple for LupaRegnant to track. She soon learned that the horse most often wound up a gift for a Marked, or a Healer. Evidently the lady left in LupaHumana form. Interesting.

Exhausted, she lay back on the large bed, burrowed her face into the deep pillows. Maybe she could get in a nap before dinner.

It wasn’t to be. Petra tapped on her door, then blasted through without waiting for an invitation. “Ferushka. A strange Alpha is in room 223: the Bucharest Alpha – and most of his pack – are ascending the stairs right now. Moreover, their scent is outraged, belligerent. I’d bet this pack here isn’t known to the Bucharest wolves.”

“You’d bet right,” a deep voice declared. Ferushka spun to see a tall, well-built male in his early 30s. Eyebrows like black scrub-pads, eyes a deep, piercing blue and narrowed in suspicion as he faced the staircase. She froze. She’d never seen any male, much less an Alpha, that looked like this. She could only stare as those bushy eyebrows relaxed, and those eyes stared so deeply into hers that she was sure he saw her very soul.

But then the door at the end of the corridor blasted open, a heavy aggressive scent covered the group in the hall. Ferushka’s hair lifted off the back of her neck as Petra, human only of course, took a leap and wound up in front of her LupaRegnant, pressing Ferushka against the wall. One hand buried in her gaily-decorated purse.

“Who the hell are you, all of you!” a heavy-set, middle-aged Alpha strode in from the stairs, gut so wide he had to squeeze it through the door. “What gives any of you the right to enter my city, MY city – without permission or even a by-your-leave!”

He took a knee, as did what members of his pack had made it through the stairway door. “My life – my heart – to yours, LupaRegnant,” he said in a low voice which nearly trembled with emotion and intensity.

The tall Alpha stepped lightly in front of her, bent to one knee, never taking his eyes from hers. Ferushka had to force herself to look at the sea of kneeling men.

“All right,” She heard herself snap out as if it were somebody else. “We’re making a scene in very much the wrong place. Both Alphas into my suite on the double. Bucharest Alpha, please insist the rest of your pack waits outside.