Easy to Hire a Developer?

You have a stellar idea for a new app, or you need to upgrade your business’s legacy software with the latest tech. Either way, building software involves far more than just hiring a coder. Doing so can cause problems that even your crystal ball never foresaw.

A developer’s process

  1. Takes your product requirements doc, begins to code according to modules needed
  2. Completes Module 1 portion of code,
  3. Tests it to some extent – single developers don’t have QA teams working with them.
  4. Delivers that module
  5. Your business runs the code, then races back to the developer. “This doesn’t work as we wanted it to! That does something totally unexpected, and the other thing crashed our servers! FIX IT!”
  6. The developer has now hit his ‘back’ button, fixes this, that and the other thing. In the process, he breaks something that used to work.
  7. Repeat #4, #5, and #6.