(Excerpt from DemiVamp novel)

Three groups of predators have rested atop this world’s food chain for several thousand years. One reigns supreme, another exists as prey. The third hovers somewhere between: neither one nor the other, yet containing DNA from both.

DemiVamps are completely unaware of their own existence and that of the most ferocious of predators, the vampire.

By their sheer numbers, Homo Sapiens should dominate. By dint of age, wisdom, and abilities, Specius Vampirus prevails. DemiVamps lose out on all counts as their numbers range from several thousand to several hundred, depending on the time period. They have neither the abilities nor the life spans of their vampire forefathers.

If they have an advantage over humanity, it exists in one malformed gene of which they’re totally unaware. For each such gene, a match exists. The mathematical probability of such an encounter, however, is astronomical.

Should such a rare encounter occur, one simple yet crucial step remains for both DemiVamps involved to attain their ultimate destiny, that of becoming the most rare and deadly of all predators, the vampire.

This step is simply a kiss.

Once again, the Law of Averages is against them. Many indefinable characteristics dictate the existence (or lack thereof) of that most basic interaction, attraction. The variables are endless, but age, race, and gender top the list.

In 754 BC Egypt, an infant came into contact with an octogenarian.


During the American Civil War, a slave was bought by a wealthy plantation owner.


During the Roaring Twenties, somewhere in the world two similar individuals crossed paths: ages, intelligence, goals – all matched. For the first time in ages, the Clan had hope, but  they reckoned without a certain entirely-human inclination.

Both individuals were heterosexual women.