Comps for Jbro


Compound Words: 

Bar keep, keep healthy, healthy cats…

ACRO words:  —-   FART (Sentence must make sense.)

Farming All Rubber Trucks + your 4 letter word – SHELL
She Eats Leftover Leaves –  CRAP

Joker’s Match Game

A sentence with a blank is displayed.: I ____ my horse
HOH is given the sentence, gives the real answer. Each HM that matches the Hoh’s answer gets one point.

Let’s Get Lyrical

First line of song or chorus is displayed. Players guess the song: 2 pts correct guess, 1 point if incorrect (but they can guess nothing.)

Body of Work

Game runner gives an actor, musician, etc. Each player must give a movie or a song done by that person.

Joker’s Free Association

Game runner posts a word or a phrase. Players post the FIRST thing that comes into their minds – this could be Veto comp.

Name Another Tune

The first person picks a song title or lyric line, the second person picks another song title or lyric line that contains at least one word from the previous title.

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