About Cat

One can never say "Cat came right out of the womb with a pen in one hand."
On the contrary, her initial goals were in a completely different direction.


Many moons ago, Cat attended the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts. After several years of stage and print modeling, she was in one movie. It bored her to tears and the water was cold in an infinitely-
forgettable shower scene from "Porkies."

Whilst recovering, Cat played with a gift -- a new machine called a 'computer'. 3 years later she had her BS in Comp Sci, but learned writing about all things tech was as much fun as coding.

Watching Discovery channel, Cat saw a show about the Dead Sea Scrolls (back then, mostly not translated.) She had her very first "what the hell would happen if?" moment: if a scroll proved to be written by Jesus, and if he said some highly-uncomplimentary things about other religions.

Months later "The Scroll" was finished, snapped up and published. She's never looked back.




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