About le Chat

multi-colored pens in a star

Cat’s first career involved film and stage as she attended the illustrious AADA (American Academy of Dramatic Arts) with an eye to hitting the stage. In Florida, she was asked to do a film in which she’d be nude but “Nobody will ever see this flick,” they said. “It’s a tax-write off,” they said. The film was “Porky’s.”

They lied! And Cat had just been gifted with an odd little creature called a ‘computer.’ After learning on her own to code Assembler for it, she drifted into college, got her BS in Comp Sci – software emphases. With a 3.8 GPA we’ll have you know.

From “Porkies” to Python

Developing was an utter blast for Cat, who was into UI’s. She did equine sites, tech sites for Nortel, and for other local businesses. Yes, it was fun. But…

After developing for years, Cat nearly ended up bald as clients changed one nit-picking thing after another. Added features, so on. One client asked if she could write a user manual for his product.


“Good! You have a month to complete it.”

She has done user manuals for Nortel, Sony, Samsung’s cell phones and more. She writes for web dev/software shops these days, or anyone who needs a tech beast of a writer.

Facts to Fiction

Somewhere along the way, Cat had a nagging idea for an adventure/thriller about the Dead Sea scrolls. What if Jesus wrote one? Hey, he wrote in the sand, right? That idea festered for several months, and suddenly she found herself pounding out a novel. The Scroll was the result, and it was well-received.

On to paranormal, ghost-writing. One of her historical werewolf trilogies hit Amazon’s Top 10 – under someone else’s name! That wasn’t fun, so while she’s tech writing, she’s still sneaking in another thriller. This one about serial killers – she sometimes worries about the weird searches she does.

And that’s quite enough about Cat, she says!