About Cat

“… written for Sony, Samsung, Xfinity, Nortel, and more, Cat is a highly proficient tech writer…”

With her BSCS in Computer Science (Software,) Cat was well-prepared to be a technical writer. But that wasn’t the course she chose: she began her professional life as a developer. Soon she became known for difficult projects and was contracted to write a Perl/Oracle system to produce and print chemical MSDS. After six months, the project was complete: two of the lead developers asked her to participate in a small software house. Within 3 weeks, Cat owned a brand-new software shop with two ace developers (and one killer marketing dude!) on her team.

Nothing gold can stay, and for Cat, there was just a hair too much moaning over the color of THIS, the “features’ of that (which had never been in scope!) When an old client told her he had a new product ready to go to market which lacked only a User Manual, Cat smiled and said, “Sorry. Not a tech writer.” Client’s response: “Great! Have the damn thing done in a month.” She did.

“… days as a talented tech writer, while her nights flash by among thrillers, romance, sci-fi…”

“Bones in the Dirt” is Cat’s current thriller. At present, the novel resides with Cat’s editor, another soul who appreciates a top-notch serial killer story. Especially when this particular killer is born into America’s one and only  royal family…

“Bloodmate’s Bond” is a rather large paranormal romance revolving around the relationship between an eons-old, elegant vampire and a beautiful, current vegetarian lady who loathes war and believes that the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and vampires all fall under the same category: “Non-existent creatures created by morons.”

Cat has had many stories published in magazines. The current tale she’s shopping is “God’s Booger,” regarding a lab where artificial life is about to become reality: thanks to a drunken sneeze. Cat believes Sci Fi should always be a case of “What would happen if?” where the end result has more than a tinge of humor, as does all of her material.

Cat is easily reached via email:  CatYoMammaLedevic@gmail.com (delete ‘yoMamma.)

Cat uses Skype for business. Email her for details.